What’s In Your Bag?

Day to day and season to season we carry different thing in our purse, but Avon has narrowed down the type of makeup gal you are based on what is in your bag. What does your bag say a bout you? Could you be the 1, 2,3 quick and easy off to work person or is your look a must be a perfect 10 with no flaws? Could you possibly be the type of person that wakes up and creates a look based on mood, creativity and explores your options to the max? Whichever you are, Avon shares some products that might just fit your needs. Try them out, while they are on sale and save big! Love Avon Sales . . . It allows you to play and save!


The Minimalist– You Keep it basic and to the point, a little bit of color, but fuss free style.


Other Benefits: Flake, clump & smudge-proof, lightweight, opthamologist-tested & hypoallergenic.

Other Benefits: Buildable coverage, lightweight, soft matte finish, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested, SPF 20 & Built in oil blotters to control finish.

Other Benefits: Moisturizing formula, easy for on the go, lightwieght, non-streaky, smooth, even & can be used for multi-purpose.


The Perfectionist– Your makeup is always on point and others can’t help but notice the perfect finish you always have.


Other Benefits: Long lasting shape and hold & easy to apply.

Other Benefits: Effortless control, felt tip, opthamologist- & Allergy Tested

Other Benefits: Shine Free, buildable coverage and glides on smoothly.


The Artist– Your makeup has a magical flair! Your willing to be bold and play with your colors for a glamours look.


Other Benefits: Flake, clump & smudge-proof, lightweight, opthamologist-tested & hypoallergenic & satin finish.

Other Benefits: Waterproof option, weightless lash building formula, opthamologist-tested & hypoallergenic

  • True Color Eyeshadow Primer– A cream primer that helps extend the wear of your eyeshadows and keep pigment color true all day long.

Other Benefits: Lightweight, soft finish, absorbs oil, mattifies & waterproof.

Other Benefits: Blendable formula and buildable coverage.


Shop Avon Sales by visiting our PJ’s Avon Online Beauty Shop or one of our 2 PJ’s Avon locations in Illinois.

Shopping Online: Easy & convenient shop right from your own home or while you’re on the go. For direct delivery orders over $40 your shipping is FREE! Anything under $40 will be just $5.95. Is this your first time ordering from our Avon Online Beauty Shop? Use Code: Welcome to receive 20% off your first order of $50+. Don’t wait . . .  the sooner you start shopping, the sooner it can arrive at your front door.

Shop PJ’s Avon Online Beauty Shop Now

Shopping In-Store: We have 2 locations in Illinois-Hoffman Estates & Niles. Both stores have all Avon products on hand and ready for purchase. Best of all, we are loaded with testers so you can touch, feel and smell before you buy!!! Should there be any item you want that we don’t have on hand, have no fear we can order it for you.

Hoffman Estates, IL 847-995-1872 at the Poplar Creek Crossing Shopping Center

Nile, IL 847-296-7672 at the Golf Mill Shopping Center

Current Brochures, Flyers & Specials to Check Out:

Need a Sale from a previous Campaign? No Problem. Avon allows shoppers to backorder their favorites to save even more.(Up to 2 campaigns back can be ordered for better pricing)

How to Backorder Products Shopping our PJ’s Avon Beauty Online:

  1. Visit our online site PJ’s Avon Beauty Online Shopping Store
  2. In the top right hand corner, select product # (next to shopping bag image)
  3. Enter in the 6 digit item number
  4. In the campaign # column, select the campaign wanted to save on your item
  5. When finished add items to your bag

Previous Campaigns to Shop From: (Write down your 6-digit item number to use when ordering online)

References & Product Information: & Avon Brochures 2017

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