Fine Fragrance Friday!

Fragrance has been a staple product for Avon for many years and continues to shine with all the options we offer our shoppers. In 1886 Avon’s founder David H. McConnell started the California Perfume Company. It wasn’t until 1939 that the company was renamed to Avon. David hired his first representative to sell our first ever fragrance called Little Dot Perfume. Little Dot Perfume consisted of just 5 notes; Lily of the Valley, Violet,  Heliotrope, White Rose and Hyacinth.  You can still be sure to see some of these notes still lingering in our scents that are offered today.

Currently with more than 20 scents to choose from, you can be sure to find a fragrance or 2 that works well with your body chemistry. Avon has categorized our present scents by mood and style to help you better decide which fragrance would be best for you. Frag Chart for HER

Some of our longer wearing fragrances that can transition you from your everyday routines to date nights are a part of our Fine Fragrance Collection.  See below for a description on 5 of these lovely scents for her.

5 Avon Fine Fragrances Descriptions:

  • So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara Parfum Spray (fruity/sweet)- A fragrance designed behind the inspiration of a determined and passionate Sofia Vergara. Now partenerd with Avon Sofia hopes to help empower women just as the company does. This scent is a blend of tropical passion fruit, Flor de Mayo orchid and patchouli.
So Very Sofia

4.6/5 stars Based on Online Reviews

  • Little Black Dress Parfum Spray (warm/spicy)- This Italian lemon oil, jasmine and sandalwood fragrance is now back to share with our dedicated Avon Shoppers. It was gone for some time, but have no fear . . .  it’s back and now has a sister edition Little Red Dress that you might like even better.
Avon’s Perfect LBD-Little Black Dress

4.7/5 Stars Based on Online Reviews

  • Avon Luck for Her Parfum Spray (fruity/sweet)- A sparkling luxurious fragrance designed to celebrate the luck that every day shall bring. A combination of Citrus, florals and sandalwood notes make this fragrance a must smell.
Avon Luck for HER

4.3/5 stars Based on Online Reviews

  • Avon Luck La Vie (fruity/sweet)- This is our sister scent to our Luck for her. It was designed for our sophisticated shoppers looking to keep is fruity and soft all day long. A blend of beautiful  Strawberry, lily of the valley and cedarwood make this fragrance the beauty that it is.
Avon Luck La Vie

4.5/5 stars Based on Online Reviews

  • Avon Femme (floral)- Are you looking for floral with a fresh scent? If so, then this is your scent. A blend of jasmine petals, magnolia and amberwoods make this a soft beautiful scent.
Avon Femme

4.5/5 stars Based on Online


PJ’s Fragrance Tip: Want to keep you fragrance lasting longer on you? Layer your products. Our Avon Luck for Her, Little Black Dress & So Very Sofia all have matching body lotions and shower gels. When you use these products as your prepping steps before your fragrance you are sure to keep this scent lingering longer all day.

Want to smell these beauties? Stop by a PJ’s Avon Beauty Center location in Hoffman Estates or Niles, IL to try a tester. Free Smells Here!!

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