Makeup Monday: Plump Your Lips

Looking for Full, Plump, Creamy Lips?? Well, you are in the right spot. Avon has an amazing lipstick that hydrates, plumps, retexturizes and wears for hours for just $8!!!

Beyond Lipstick

Beyond Color Lipstick has been a lip favorite by Avon customers for years. Although this lipstick has changed packaging from time to time and even a name change for a brief moment (formerly referred to healthy makeup), but this lipstick always delivers the same benefits for your lips. For years customers keep coming back to repurchase some of our top colors such as Twig, Uptown Pink, Cantaloupe and Mad for Mauve.  Both our PJ’s Avon Beauty Centers carry all testers on hand for color checks and match ups.

Beyond color lipstick is infused with pomegranate and jojoba oil to increase and retain moisture in the lips.

Here are some of the great benefits on why you might want to consider trying one of these lipsticks

*Contains Retinol

*Infused with Jojoba Oil & Pomegranate for Suburb Moisture

*Satin, Creamy Feel

*SPF 15

*15 Shades to Select From

Beyond Color Lip Colors

Shop Beyond Color Lipstick SPF 15 PJ’s Avon Online

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