PRIMA Ballerina!

Introducing an Avon Scent for HER


Our newest fragrance is inspired by Courtney Lavine, a professional ballet dancer from the American Ballet Theatre. This delightful women’s scent was designed to celebrate female strength and resilience. Prima is a blend of elegant plum, intoxicating rose and intense patchouli that lasts all day.  It’s soft and elegant aroma has been a PJ’s Avon store fave since it has made its debut.

At PJ’s Avon we have testers of all our fragrances on hand, to help our customers try and find the perfect match for their body chemistry. Sometimes this may mean that a customer doesn’t always buy the day they try on the fragrance. What we have noticed is customers have been returning to purchase this scent and making special trips just for it. That’s always a good sign!prod_1188021_xl_6


Fragrance is always a great gift to give, but hard to buy when trying to choose for others. Since this scent cleaner and sets softly, the range of customers is larger compared to other scents Avon offers. With many gift giving holidays around the corner like Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduations & Showers you can be sure that this is a great gift to pamper the special people in your life. This fragrance is only $30! This means you can buy multiples for all your upcoming events, plus it has matching Body Lotion & Shower Gel for purchase to complete your gifting needs. Thanks Avon for always delivering quality products at affordable prices!

Have Questions About Avon’s Prima or Other Products? Contact us at our Store Locations

Hoffman Estates, IL- 847-995-1872 or Niles, IL- 847-296-7672

To Purchase Prima Shop PJ’s Avon Online

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