Skin So Soft

Ding! Dong! Avon Calling . . .  We Got Your Skin So Soft!

Bath Oil

Yes, the famous original Bath Oil is still going strong. It’s has been a family fave for decades. Developed back in the 1960’s, till this day it has remained as one of Avon’s top sellers. Sure . . .  there have been some tweaks and changes over the years, but as always . . .  only for the better. As  Avon customers shop in our 2 PJ’s Avon Licensed Avon Beauty Store in Illinois,  we still get asked several times a week, “Avon is never going to discontinue selling skin so soft, are they?” My answer to that is, we personally don’t  to make those decisions, but for our particular locations this is a highly demanded product and I don’t foresee it going away anytime soon, if ever. I do stress that Avon does like to make package updates, so customers should always keep their eyes out for changes. For now it IS available and for that I am thankful!

NOW . . . Lets talk Skin So Soft!  Did you know that there is more to this line than just Oil??? I know, crazy!!! Avon has a variety of products to meet personal needs, as well as different scents to choose from. Thank gosh for the great selection, as I myself am not a fan of oil application. I do however, LOVE Skin So Soft! With that being said, I prefer to use what is now known as the Radiant Moisture Line (previously Signature Silk) over the Original. Yes, majority still wins; the Original scent is by far the bigger seller in  both our locations. Whatever your needs are, with Avon Skin So Soft you have options and you should use them to the max. Check out our breakdown below to find out what might be best for you!

P.S. Try the Gelled Body Oil if you’re not a fan of Oil’s. It delivers lots of moisture without leaving the skin feeling greasy or sticky. It’s a cross between and oil & a lotion (My personal opinion & fave). .  . Perfect!!

Skin So Soft Families

Prices Shown Below are the Regular Prices, for Sales Visit Current Online Brochure

Original- Fresh Herbal Scent Infused with Jojoba OilOriginal

Soft & Sensual-Spicy Floral with Argan OilSoft & Sensual

          Radiant Moisture (Previously Signature Silk)-Peony & Soft Musk Scent with Argan Oil

Radiant Moisture

Supreme Nourishment-Fresh Herbal Scent Infused with Jojoba OilSupreme Nourishment

Other Families Not Pictured:

Firm & Restore & Hair Removal-Sensitive & Regular

Limited/ Seasonal Families:

Bug Guard, Avon Glow, WinterSoft, Aqua Express & Stress Relief

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By: PJ’s Avon Beauty Centers in Hoffman Estates & Niles, IL

Product Information from Avon Brochures & Avon Online

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