Hands Down . . . Good Hand Creams:

Hands down, our hand creams have always been a customer favorite. We have a variety of options to pick from at affordable prices, so you’ll be sure to find a hand cream that fits your needs. When our hand creams are not on sale, they are JUST $5. Usually, you can catch these fellers on a deal that will make you want to stock up and jump up and down while doing it! We have 3  core hand cream lines- Silicone Glove, Moisture Therapy & Skin So Soft. You will find below the basic info on these hand creams and see what makes them so valuable to Avon as a part of our Bath & Body products.

SILICONE GLOVEsilicone-glove

Designed to help protect against dryness and chapped hands Silicone Glove is perfect for winter weather, but it is great for continued use year round. This gel like hand cream absorbs quickly, is lightly scented and keeps hands feeling soft even after continued washes. People of interest for this product might be doctors, nurses, hair dressers, house cleansers, anyone who works with paper or everyone that might have their hands in water frequently. Give it a shot and you’ll be thrilled you did. (My personal favorite!)


This hand cream line has 3 to choices to pick from: Daily Skin Defense, Calming Relief and Intensive Healing & Repair-All are Dermatologist-Tested.

Calming Relief,           Intensive Healing & Repair             & Daily Skin Defense

Daily Skin Defense is the lightest in weight of the group, as its  infused with vitamins A, C, E and B5.  It’s suitable for sensitive skin and helps repair dry/callused hands and is great for dehydrated and damaged cuticles. Customer  Type: Anyone looking to keep hands hydrated daily with a preference on a light scent and feel.

Calming Relief hand cream infused with colloidal oatmeal relieves hand irritations and instantly provides comfort all day, plus it’s fragrance-free.  Oatmeal being a natural soother for dry, itchy & red skin, you will find that this hand cream works wonders for itchy red hands. Customer Type: Anyone who gets itchy due to daily irritations from everyday weather & water use.

Intensive Healing & Repair hand cream is our richest of the trio. This design is infused with Hydraboost Technology, which boosts skins moisture level by 75% for up to 8 hours. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, as well as suitable for sensitive skin. This is our most intense option and should be used on anyone with extremely dry hands that are in need of intense treatment. Customer Type: Are your hands cracking and your experiencing red, rough and/or callused skin? This is your guy. Although this cream is rich in texture, if you truly have dry hands you will instantly feel relieve with this hand cream. Hydration is instantly boosted! This hand cream sells year round, but is most popular during our winter months when it’s dryer outside.


With 3 choices to pick from, plus seasonal limited additions throughout the year this has been a popular choice for customers who already use other items from our Skin So Soft Family. Layer your products for a longer lasting scent. All are Dermatologically-tested.

Skin So Soft.PNG
Original,  Soft & Sensual & Radiant Moisture

Original– A fresh herbal scent with jojoba oil as its active mineral element. This hand cream will give your hands a renewed and moisturized look, while leaving your hands feeling well conditioned. Customer  Type: Anyone looking to keep hands hydrated daily with a scent; or customers already using the Original skin so soft products looking to expand within the family.

Radiant Moisture– A peony and musk floral scent with argan oil as its active mineral element. This hand cream will keep your hands moisturized for hours and leave your hands feeling silky and soft. Customer  Type: Anyone looking to keep hands hydrated daily with a light scent; or customers already using the Radiant Moisture skin so soft line and looking to expand to other products within the family.

Soft & Sensual A spicy floral scent with argan oil as its active mineral element. This hand cream provides long-lasting moisture for hours and leaves your hands feeling soft to the touch. Customer  Type: Anyone looking to keep hands soft and hydrated daily with a floral scent; or customers already using the Soft & Sensual skin so soft line looking to expand to other products within the family.

Hope this helps you decide which of our hand creams is best for you. We sell all of these hand creams in-store and have testers of each on hand. All hand creams listed above have been a part of the Avon products for 14+ years and I’m sure with their continued popularity will be staying around for many years to come. Happy Shopping Dear Valued Customers!!!

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References: Avon.com & Avon Brochures/Literature

By: PJ’s Avon Beauty Centers in Hoffman Estates & Niles, IL

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