Nutraeffects . . . Avon’s New Skin Care Line

Our NEW AVON Skin Care Family is Here . . .


Our new Active Seed Complex based line has a formula for every skin type. It’s suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. Woot, Woot! Go NEW AVON LLC and its developing team for giving us such an awesome updated product. Best yet, they even went as far as making it paraben-, dye- and gluten-free. Yes, I sure do LOVE AVON and our products. As the store manager here at PJ’s Avon LABC’s in Illinois for 14+ years, frequently I have been asked if we could have a moisturizer option for customers that would be natural and more sensitive friendly. Although Avon has always carried and alternate simple line for customers, this last design development they truly tried to focus on healthy face alternatives.  I am so excited to show this new product off to all our dedicated shoppers.

Lets break these 4 formulas down so you can make a better decision as to which moisturizer is for you. First off, you should know that this whole family is powered by Active Seed Complex with the key active ingredient found in all 4 formulas being Chia Seed. Chia Seeds are filled with Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, which all play big roles in keeping our skin healthy, fresh and renewed.

HYDRATION Customer Type: Normal to Dry Skin  These Avon  Nature-inspired moisturizers can hold  12X their weight in moisture due to the Chia Seed. The formula will hydrate the skin for hours and with continued use will begin to feel smoother and softer in rough dry areas. Our Skin needs a wall of protection to keep away all the damage that is caused from weather and daily activities. This cream will be that wall and be the barrier to keep the skin from losing hydration. It’s available in a Day Cream SPF 15 and Night Gel Cream.

BALANCE Customer Type: Oily to Combination Skin This Avon Nature-inspired formula is combined with the Chia Seed + Mineral Mattifying Powders to help control oil. This
lightweight Oil-Free cream detects hydration levels and Balance.jpgmaintains a balance between your oily areas and dry spots. Your look of pores will gradually reduce with continued use and its formula design is great for both hot and cold climates. Get ready to hike or go on vacation cause these bad guys are ready for anything! Moisturizers are available in Day Cream SPF 15 & Night Gel Cream. (Both Oil-Free)

RADIANCE Customer Type: Dullness & Uneven Skin This Avon radianceNature-inspired formula is combined with the Chia Seed + Bird of Paradise Seeds to help awaken the look of radiance. With 2+ weeks of use the appearance of discoloration will be reduced. The moisturizers were designed to help boost the production of energy renewal therefore making skin seem more radiant and revived. Poof be gone sleepy dull skin! Moisturizers are available in Day Cream SPF 20 & Night Gel Cream.

AGELESS Customer Type: Early Signs of Aging Skin This Avon Nature-inspireagelessd formula is combined with the Chia Seed + Pomegranate Extract to help soften and fight wrinkles in the facial area, as well as around eyes. The selected moisturizers were designed to restore and
plump skins youthfulness, plus soften the look of fine lines. The ageless line naturally boosts the production of collagen helping the process of skins fullness. Moisturizers are available in Day Cream SPF 20, Night Cream & Eye Cream.


Customer Feedback:  PJ’s Avon customers have been LOVING this new line. One of the biggest compliments I get is how lightly scented and lightweight these moisturizers feel on the skin. Customers are usually hesitant to try new things, as most of us love to stick to what we know (with good reason) however, don’t be shy  to give this friendly line a shot . . .  you won’t be sorry you did.

To Shop Avon Nutraeffects Visit Us Here

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By: PJ’s Avon Beauty Centers in Hoffman Estates & Niles, IL

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