Makeup Monday:

Waterproof Mascara???

“What is your BEST mascara?” This is a question I get frequently asked at both our PJ’s Avon LABC’s in Illinois. My answer to that is, “With Avon you have options!!! I wouldn’t state that Avon has a BEST mascara, but rather a remarkable selection to pick from. We offer a variety of mascara types that have different formulas, brush options and deliverance.” I continue by asking my customers which type of lash look they are trying to achieve . . . is it long and defined, full and separated, do you want added fibers or is it all of the above. Which every style you may be looking for, I will try and help you find it. I do however have to take this moment to highlight a particular veteran mascara to our Avon color line.

As I have mentioned before, I have been with PJ’s Avon for almost 15 years. During this time, I have seen several mascaras come and go. Some I haven’t missed and others I still keep in my prayers at night. With that being said, our WASH-OFF WATERPROOF is the only mascara that has made it through all the years during my Avon journey. That has to tell you something, this is a KEEPER!

Our Wash-OFF waterproof is designed so that you can easily remover it with soap and water, but will stay on like a true waterproof. How is this possible you ask? Our formula contains a special emulsion technology that makes it easy to remove this mascara in comparison to traditional waterproofs. Traditional waterproof mascaras contain solvent based polymers making it difficult to remove from the eye area. Our brush is tapered style, which is designed to nicely separate and thicken the lashes. This is truly a loveable mascara and has been for many, many years. The BEST PART is even when you can’t find this guy on sale . . .  It’s ONLY $7!!!! SAY WHAT??? Sign Me Up!!!!

Other Great Facts:


Wash-Off Waterproof Available in Black


*Suitable for Sensitive Skin and contact lenses wearers




*Smudge and Flak-proof

*Made in USA

**Based on 942 Reviews Online as of 2/27/2017, this bad boy gets a 4.5 star rating.

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By: Brandy Ardisana- PJ’s Avon Beauty Center’s Manager in Hoffman Estates & Niles, IL and Independent Avon Representative

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