Our Great Sense of Smell

For years I have worked for a local LABC- Licensed Avon Beauty Center in Illinois. We have always carried what is now known as the Avon Classic Scents! What are these scents I speak of? Well, they are of course no other than Candid, Night Magic, Odyssey, Sweet Honesty & Timeless. A collection of fragrances that have been a part of the Avon business for many years. I have been given the opportunity to not only learn the notes that make each of these beautiful fragrances, but acquire their history. I am not exactly referring to the factual history of the individual scents, but rather how it has played a role in their buyer’s life.

It is so exciting to hear the stories from my new & regular customers as to why and when they started wearing their scent of choice. It allows me to share a piece of who they are and where they’ve been. Our world is filled with different journeys and paths, and it gives me perspective as to how far we’ve come. Believe it or not, I have customers who will no longer use this fragrance as an everyday perfume, but chose to purchase it anyways. It has become such a treasured piece of their life, they tell me, “I just have to get it!” Recently, I had a customer who came in to purchase the Odyssey fragrance, which FYI she said, “I don’t even like this scent anymore.” Her reasoning behind it was that her mother recently passed away (an Avon Rep) and she just wanted to be close to her . . .  Wow!!! It’s amazing how our sense of smell plays such a huge role in our life.

In 2016, New Avon LLC made the decision to give these bad boys a new look! I have had mixed reviews from customers on how they feel about this choice and with reason. Personally, I love it! I know, I know what you’re thinking . . . part of the fragrance history is the packaging. That is true, but these new bottles are now much easier to travel with and have a sleek new look! Aren’t we always looking to improve ourselves??? Let us give these beauties a new feel! We all deserve some pampering once in a while. Have no fear though . . .  although to the naked eye they look much smaller than before, it is in fact the same size!! Those old bottles were quite deceiving with their taller caps and bottle shapes. Regardless of the bottle size (1.7 oz.), Avon still delivers the same great scent in each package.


I would love for you to share your story as to why & what these AWESOME AVON CLASSICS mean to you! Our sense of smell is so strong and meaningful. As we carry on through life, our sense helps us pave our journey. Best of luck to everyone as they take steps forward every day! Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses once in a while.

By: Brandy Ardisana- Store Manager for PJ’s Avon Beauty Center in Hoffman Estates & Niles, IL & Independent Avon Representative on Team Beauty with Power




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