How Much Can You Make Selling Avon?

Ever considered selling Avon, but you weren’t sure how much you could make? Well, hopefully this can answer some of those questions you’ve had pondering in the back of your mind to show you AVON IS GREAT!

Can you be successful selling Avon? The answer is YES! Selling AVON means YOU’RE THE BOSS! This means it’s your terms, your time and it’s your beauty business. Here are some key pieces of information to help you understand the beginning parts to your beauty biz!

Let’s start by informing you that Avon has 26 Avon Books (aka Avon Brochures) that will run every 2 weeks (This specific time frame is also referred to as a Campaign) per a year. You might be thinking to yourself, “WOW . . . 2 weeks that’s a long time!” However, 2 weeks is a breeze! Take into consideration the time you have you to deliver brochures, get orders ready, send your order in and delivery your product; with all that being said this 2 week time frame is perfect to get you ready to begin the next book. It’s a great little cycle, to help keep us organized and on time for our HAPPY Avon shoppers.
Avon pays their representatives based off their sales for the given  brochure the representative is honoring. That means every 2 weeks when you place an order, you will see what your commission will be based of the brochure items you are ordering.
Here is a sample chart based on brochure sales to give you a general idea of what you can be earning with Avon . . .


Each campaign (2 week period) your earnings can and most likely will be different, following the amounts on this chart. However,  there are some exclusions to this chart; such as online ordering and select items in the brochure like watches, clothing and other non-Avon items that are only offered at Fixed Earnings. These items can usually be found with this symbol next to it (♦) in the book. You will earn 20% as a new representative for these particular items. This will also be the amount you will earn through your online orders. As you sell Avon, you will have the opportunity to increase the percentage on Fixed Earnings Items when you sell at our President’s Club Level or higher, which can happen after your first year of sales. Want to Earn more with Avon your 1st year? Great!!! Avon has other ways within the business to increase your income such as bonus giveaways through selling particular product or joining us in the leadership opportunity. 

Don’t Forget . . .  How much you make is ONLY your business. You can be one of our top representatives with earnings that might knock your socks off, or just be making an extra $20 to put aside for a vacation at the end of the year. Remember to share your business the way you want, on your time. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN! It’s a beautiful company! Not just because we sell makeup, but because what the company can do . . . It has made dreams become reality for many representatives. I hope this helps and we would be more than happy to help get you started. The start-up takes 5 minutes online and we are only a phone call away, should you ever get stuck or have some questions you need answered. 

To Start Selling Avon:

1.    Visit

2.    Use Reference Code: PJACK

3.    Choose 1 of 3 Starter Kits Starting at Just $25

4.    Happy Selling!!!!!

Questions?  Contact Pat or Brandy

Poplar Creek Crossing-Hoffman Estates, IL 847-995-1872 or
Golf Mill Shopping Center Niles, IL 847-296-7672

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