Be Your Own BOSS!


Have you ever thought about selling Avon? Dreamed of the day you could say “I am the BOSS!” Wanted to earn a little extra to help with bills? Maybe take a vacation? Well, you are starting at the right spot. Everyone has their own reason for starting Avon. For me, I wanted to help others learn about the company and educated people on the quality product we have to offer. I have been blessed with being able to work at a LABC- Licensed Avon Beauty Center for over 14 years now. Over the years I have seen this company go through several changes and am so grateful I was given this opportunity to now start selling it myself. I love the product and the AMAZING prices!!! You just can’t beat it.  I work for 2 wonderful Avon Representatives; Pat & Jody Jack who have been in the business for 25+ years and bring so much knowledge to the table for past, present and future growth to their downline. Hopefully you can join our team and start reaching your dreams one brochure at a time.  It’s an easy start! All you have to do is take 5 minutes of your day to sign up online at your convenience, pick your starting Kit that best fits you (starts at JUST $25), share the books and begin to make some money. My number one tip is have fun and love the product . . .  It is beauty after all.

Best of Luck!

Brandy Ardisana-

Store Manager for PJ’s Avon Beauty Center in Hoffman Estates & Niles, IL &

Independent Avon Representative on Team Beauty with Power

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