It is an honor for me to introduce such an amazing couple  . . . Meet the Jacks! This wife and husband Avon team have been selling Avon for over 28 years. They are the proud owners of 2 LABC’s-Licensed Avon Beauty Centers in Illinois and Sell at the President’s Inner Circle Level, the highest potential of Sales Recognition within the Avon Company. That’s over $220,000 a year in Avon Products!

Before starting up their Avon Store Journey, Pat Jack was selling high volume as an Independent Sales Representative. After her first sales meeting in 1989, Pat knew she was going to take advantage of this great opportunity. By setting goals each campaign she continued to grow more every year. This business didn’t come handed to her, she had to work for every sale she got. Working through her lunch breaks and delivering Avon style “Door to Door” to keep customers happy and coming back. This part-time job was becoming a passion and was destined to be a part of her dream. After many years of working for United, Avon approached her with yet another opportunity; to open an Avon kiosk. This sounded amazing, but Pat knew that a kiosk wasn’t going to hold the volume she wanted to deliver to the Avon customers. This is how we ended up with the PJ’s Avon Beauty Store.

PJ’s Avon Beauty Store opened up in August of 2002 in the formally known as the Woodfield Shopping Mall in Illinois. This was officially the 12th approved Avon store to open. Only 2 years later, the Jacks decided to open store #2 in the Golf Mill Shopping Mall located in Niles, Illinois. Pat retired from United and began to put her heart and soul into her Avon Centers. With her husband by her side, this team sells Avon and provides jobs to locals; from sales staff for their store to sharing the Avon business opportunity with others. The duo is full of knowledge on product and comes with years of experience. After many years of selling at high volume, the Jacks want to grow their team.This dream is different for everyone, but they would love to have you Sign Up, Share and Earn with us and the Avon Company. Now it’s YOUR turn . . .  Let your story begin.

By: Brandy Ardisana-

PJ’s Avon Beauty

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